New Years Multi Party Pass
New Years Multi Party Pass
Where to stay Hollywood
Where to stay Hollywood

Bottle Service makes a fun night of prime-time partying heavenly. Looking for VIP treatment in the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas of Southern California? Hollywood Blvd Crawl exemplary relationship with all of the top nightclubs in Los Angeles allows our VIP Services access to get you into the clubs you desire. We will take care of your night with no waiting in line and you’ll get a great table with VIP bottle service. Hollywood Blvd Crawl bottle service provides an upgraded nightlife experience, allowing you to revel in a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

Bottle Service is the ability of a nightclub or lounge to offer you the option of purchasing a whole bottle of alcohol as opposed to one drink at a time. It is a way of giving customers an increased level of service. It works especially well on nights when the venue is near capacity.

  • One of our CX3 Hosts will personally walk you in
  • A place to SIT…or STAND on (LOL). If you don’t reserve a table, you must be invited to one in order to sit in the club. There are no bar stools or open couches to sit on.
  • LADIES… You can come and go as you please. Hit the dance floor for a bit then recover back at your table. Leave that creepy guy who doesn’t get ‘the hint’ on the other side of the rope. Have a seat; take your shoes off for a second. Dance on the couches!
  • GUYS… Tables are prime real estate. Space in a crowded club is like water in a desert. It doesn’t take much convincing to get new friends to join you for a drink or to sit and chat… friends of the female persuasion …need I say more?
  • A personal waitress assigned to tables in your area. In most cases, before you finish you cocktail, your waitress will already have another drink poured and ready. The service waitresses in these clubs are very efficient, well-dressed, attractive, attentive people well deserving of the auto-gratuity that is automatically included in our bottle service pricing.
  • Fighting to get to the bar is a real thing. Sometimes you might be waiting 20+ minutes to grab drinks; a real buzz kill in the middle of a great night when forced to deal with the 100+ waiting for few bartenders available to serve the thirst savages. Avoid the cattle call, reserve a table.
  • A security host will make sure that only people you approve are in your table area. This large human being stationed in your section is suited to watch over your table area and group, along with helping maintain order in your area. They’re there to protect you, the VIP Table client. They are also around to help you enjoy your night. Inviting appealing guests for you and, moreover, removing ‘unwanted’ person/s from your area. These are just a few of the helpful services they can provide. So make sure to tip your bouncer. And if you give a good tip, most will have your back the entire evening. In regards to tips – the most important people to take care of are, separate from your bottle waitress, and are typically only two main types of people. (1) The person who set up your amazing LA nightlife tour - your "host.” A gracious tip will most likely guarantee an even bigger and better VIP experience the next time you call upon him or her. (2) The bouncer that stayed by your side the entire night. When compensated, a bouncer can do more for you than you think. Plus, he has a team of guys, similar to his intimidating stature, that have his back...which means yours as well!

Do you have images of grandeur or dreams of celebrity? Would you like to be treated like a VIP every time you go out no matter where you are? Hollywood Blvd Crawl will do more than treat you like the rock star VIP that you are with our Hollywood Blvd Crawl bottle service; your friends will believe you are hot shot on the boulevard of Tinseltown and they will admire you more for it. Are you searching for the admiration and access to the most exclusive Hollywood nightclubs? It is only possible when you enlist the help of Hollywood Blvd Crawl concierge services with connections to the most popular A-list nightclubs in Los Angeles. Contact one of our Hollywood Blvd Crawl party professionals to discuss your bottle service VIP and to book your prime bottle table real estate inside the most exclusive LA nightclubs.


In the City of Angels, bottle service makes a fun night of prime-time partying heavenly. When it comes to mixing it up with the jet-set and celebs, bottle service is generally the easiest, least expensive and most effective way to make that happen. If you want to pamper yourself or a friend for a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary or a bachelor or bachelorette party, our Hollywood Blvd Crawl staff members know just the place for you to go ‘Baller Status’ with premium VIP table service. And having your own designated area allows for more time to spend with your friends, make new friends, dance, as it truly provides the full VIP Hollywood experience.

We have scoured the city to bring you the best bottle service Hollywood nightlife and Los Angeles nightclub venues to make your decision on where to celebrate that special night out that much easier. In addition, Hollywood Blvd Crawl offers VIP table service and LA club party packages built to suit every taste and budget. Contact us today to reserve your bottle service VIP LA nightlife real estate inside the best place to party in Los Angeles nightlife.