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Los Angeles Nightclub Dress Code

Most all Los Angeles nightclubs will enforce a dress code of some sort, and most of them are pretty much the same. Girls can get away with anything that at least looks like they tried, while guys must adhere to more of a patchwork of exceptions. It is not uncommon for two people who are wearing the exact same outfit to get a different reaction at the door.

Get past the velvet ropes: What to wear to make it into the finest of Hollywood nightlife

DRESS CODE POLICY -- It’s important to look your best when going out with your friends. Nothing dresses up a room, like the clientele, so Hollywood nightclubs in Los Angeles and every major city use dress codes as a way to sift through the serious club goers and the lack luster crew better suited for a house party. Dress code policies are in place so that the environment is classy and upscale for nightclub patrons. This is why we have put a dress code policy on our website for everyone to review before heading out for the night, and save all from a night waiting in line only to be sent packing. If you have any questions about the dress code, feel free to call the club to discuss what is allowed and not allowed.

Don'ts of club wear for men

As you now know, just because it is against the formal dress code doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t occasionally get through the door. Often times if you show up with a very stylish look, things are overlooked. Still, be mindful that these are things that are universally not allowed per official dress codes:

  • No jerseys or athletic gear -- Jerseys and printed t-shirts can cause trouble. Many people think that the reasoning behind nightclubs not allowing logos on clothing is gang-related. Although this may be true to some extent (some logos identify a person's association with a certain group), there is a more basic approach to this rule. Let's say you’re wearing your favorite college's logo, you have quite a bit to drink, and another intoxicated patron approaches you and says "[your team here] sucks!" In the club owner's eyes, the odds of a fight starting are high. Another way of thinking is that jerseys and t-shirts are simply too casual for some places who want to see a sea of more discreet designer clothing on the dance floor.
  • No sports hats/caps
  • No tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts
  • No gang/violence related material
  • No excessively large clothing -- Baggy clothing is a no-no. Bar owners generally do not want patrons bringing anything in with them but their wallets. That may be all that's in your deep pockets and heavy sweatshirt, but no one else knows that, so wear something that fits well and is not likely to conceal outside liquor, drugs, or weapons.
  • No plain white t-shirts
  • No excessively graphic/ripped/torn jeans -- Jeans / Trainers are fine (in good condition)
  • Do's of club wear for men

    So what should men wear when clubbing LA nightlife? Let's start by building you an outfit every guy can adhere to, remembering that “fashionable nightlife attire required for club entry.” The idea isn’t to look business casual, or dressy, or in a suit, but rather dress to impress! You’re going out clubbing the best clubs in LA, so look your best!

  • As far as colors, keep it simple. Don’t go in looking like a fire hydrant in the Castro district during love fest. Peacocking shouldn’t be done with colors, it should be done with swag. A tie-dye sweat suit is going to get you the wrong kind of attention. Black, white, greys and dark colors are your best bet.
  • Wear a Dress Shirt – Keep it classic. Wear a nice button down dress shirt. But keep it buttoned to an acceptable level. Nobody wants to see your entire chest complete with gold chain and burly chest hair.
  • Accesorize – A nice piece of jewelry, stylish scarf, or trendy hat can be a nice way to add style to a boring outfit, but some clubs have a no hat policy, so check before you rock your fedora.
  • Save the Suit for Work – DC is uptight enough, when at the clubs, loosen up. If coming from work, at least ditch the tie.
  • Keep the Chain Wallets at Home – A chain wallet is better suited for the skate park, and can be considered a weapon at some night spots.
  • Wear a NICE Pair of Jeans – Jeans are a staple, but pick a clean pair that is not torn and tattered or acid washed.
  • Keep it Simple – No need to wear a bow-tie, red pants, an umbrella, and a fedora. Try one stand out item per outfit.
  • Iron Your Clothes – A nice outfit can go terribly wrong if it’s a wrinkly mess. Have your mom teach you how to iron over Christmas break, or spend the extra bucks on dry cleaning.
  • Girl's guide to what to wear clubbing LA

    Most dance clubs have dress codes. For women, the dress code is listed as: “Stylish nightlife attire” (which in everyday language means “sexy.”) Most gals at the hot clubs dress to impress; they show a lot of skin and wear ultra-chic, fashionable dresses. The clubs want to be full of very hot girls, high rollers and celebrities, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The host with the clipboard at the door controls entry ...and he is fussy. So gals, look the part. Here are some Girl's Night Out Clubbing Attire suggestions

  • Show Some Skin – No need to dress like a street walker, just choose your best asset and show it off, but leave something to the imagination.
  • Break out the heels – Lengthen your legs while adding the necessary height to scope out the crowd.
  • LBD - When all else fails, wear a little black dress. Classic looks can never go wrong.
  • Get Colorful – People’s ‘go to’ color is black for the clubs. Stand out with a colorful dress, top, or accessory.
  • Wear One Trend at a Time – Wearing a zebra dress, with a neon belt, a fedora, knee socks, and a metallic purse will get people’s attention, but it won’t be the good kind.
  • Take Off One Item- CoCo Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Or risk the chance of being overdone and tacky.
  • Girl's guide to what not to wear clubbing LA

    Some outfits will get you in any club, any time. Some outfits should be burned and the manufacturer should be sued for convincing you that was okay. Although you should never go without the simple basics like a coat and a credit card, less is more when it comes to what you wear and carry around during your night out. Some of the things girls carry along with them can be so distracting that they warrant an on-the-spot intervention. Here are some of the top Don'ts of what not to wear clubbing LA:

  • Carry a Giant Purse – Pack the essentials. Leave the diaper bags to the Octomom.
  • Dress Like a Safari Animal - Animal print is stylish in moderation. Try one item at a time. Think Snooki, then do the opposite.
  • Have Bra Straps Show – Wear the appropriate undergarments. There are very few instances where showing bra straps can pass, best not to attempt.
  • Wear Clear Bra Straps – They are clear, not invisible and often look worse then a big black bra strap playing peek-a-boo. Try the Perfect Strap to conceal straps.
  • Wear Stripper Heels – Clear heels may make it in the door, but it won’t be the right door.
  • Have Clown Makeup – Caking on your makeup looks more like a costume. Plus as the night wears on and your makeup wears off, you risk leaving the club looking like a melted candle.
  • Wear Undergarments as Clothing – Leave the undergarments to the go-go dancers. Bras are not shirts and booty underwear cannot double as a bottom.
  • How to Dress Clubbing LA | Hollywood/LA Club Dress Code Standards

    Dressing for LA nightlife is about getting in tune with the vibe, whether you’re a cool kid, a hipster or channeling old Hollywood. While you may think that a Club Crawl is an excuse to dress down a little bit, this is not the case. You’re still headed to a few nightclubs, which means there are even more reasons to dress up because there are additional chances that security won’t like what you’re wearing. Dress code policies are always in effect. Proper attire is required for entrance into each nightclub. Visitors can easily avoid dress codes mistakes. Los Angeles nightclubs require that club-goers dress appropriately in order to get in. All nightclubs expect their patrons to abide by their basic dress code policies and regulations. Yet some clubs may differ from others in regards to their dress code requirements. For example, while some LA nightclub dress code policies allow hats and sneakers, many other clubs do not. We suggest if you plan to utilize our service you follow these guidelines in order to get into ALL of the venues you paid for. To avoid such a frustration, it is always best to dress in business or dressy casual attires. For instance, men “standard” is pants, button up collar shirt and dress shoes. If you do not wear the recommended “standard” clothing, Your Hollywood Blvd Crawl Guide will not be responsible if you are denied entrance to any nightclub due to lack of proper identification or inappropriate clothing. Contact us if you have any questions.


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