Hiring Nightlife Professionals

VIP Birthday Party
VIP Birthday Party
Hollywood Blvd Crawl is now hiring nightlife ambassadors to join our team. Become a party professional and get paid to party! Discover LA nightlife. Experience Los Angeles nightclubs with complete red carpet, velvet rope VIP clubbing access at current popular Hollywood clubs.

Are you the life of the party? Do you want to get paid to go out clubbing LA? Do the parties you put together for your birthday and other special occasions always wind up packed? Are your friends always trying to find out what your plans are for the weekend? Does meeting new people and making new connections come easy to you? If you can be outgoing, friendly, self-motivated, upbeat, enthusiastic, professional, honest and are looking to make a great living, you have what it takes! Apply for a nightlife ambassador position with Hollywood Blvd Crawl.

Contact us now and GET PAID TO PARTY when you want and however often you want - weekly, monthly, once in a while, one time, all the time - YOU CHOOSE YOUR HOURS AND GET PAID TO PARTY! If this sounds good to you, email us at hollywoodblvdcrawl@gmail.com and we will respond ASAP to schedule an interview.

1Who We Are | HollywoodBlvdCrawl.com

Hollywood Blvd Crawl provides premium guided VIP clubbing tours of best clubs in LA. Our mission is to provide quality nightlife. We strive to innovate, captivate and inspire a new concept to all our nightclub party tours we manage. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is founded solely on the purpose to continue the good times motivated by the support of our crawlers and clients. With its glitz and glamour, its storied and sometimes sordid past, Los Angeles after dark -- and sometimes during the day -- is a playground for grownups out for a good time. Los Angeles has some of the most amazing nightlife in the world, and we know the secrets to get passed the toughest velvet ropes. Hollywood Blvd Crawl club crawls will prove to be one of the city’s most intriguing nocturnal activities. We want you to have a great time and a memorable night. Hollywood Blvd Crawl allows club-goers to skip long lines and waltz through the VIP entrance with little to no wait. Experience the Hollywood club scene with VIP express line bypass entry and free admission at L.A.’s top Hollywood nightclubs, such as: Playhouse, Supperclub, Lure, Boulevard3, and Project Club LA. We design a night out for you to experience all Tinsel town has to offer at a one low price, hassle free and better than a VIP. Hollywood Blvd Crawl will kick start your night and continually build up the energy for as long as you can handle it. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is the easiest way to meet other partiers from the entire world. We plan unforgettable parties. It’s simple. It’s what we do. Contact Hollywood Blvd Crawl today to experience LA VIP nightlife made easy tonight.

2Who We Are Looking For

Hollywood Blvd Crawl is now hiring people who enjoy the nightlife and want to get paid for it! If you are between the ages of 21-35 with a social, outgoing personality, and if you are looking to get a positive start in the Hollywood nightlife industry, this is an incredible opportunity to do so. The proper candidate should have these requirements and skills:

  • Must be 21+ and fluent in English (Ideally a college graduate or currently enrolled student living in or around the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas of Southern California). ** Candidates will have an advantage if they can speak additional languages.
  • Previous nightlife experience is preferred, but not required. We will show you the ropes.
  • Be a team player and work well with others.
  • Self-Motivated and enthusiastic with a friendly, positive and outgoing personality.

** Must love to go out, be motivated, outgoing, social skills and social media fanatic is a plus! Candidates will have an advantage if they have experience with all major social media platforms (predominately Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and who maintain an active relationship with his or her friends and followers. **

3The Job

The job is a HOURLY SALARY as well as COMMISSION-based job in Hollywood, California. With the right tools and techniques, you can become a successful party professional in a short amount of time, earning $300-$1000 (or more) per week quite easily. Commission will be paid daily, so you don't have to wait to enjoy your earnings. Hours are flexible. Weekly bonuses are given based upon sales performance. It's a great way to make money part-time on nights and weekends. Not to mention, you'll be partying at the club while you work.

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