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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Club Crawl?

A club crawl (sometimes called a "bar tour" or bar-hopping, bender or "alcocrawl") is the act of visiting and consuming alcoholic beverages at a number of clubs in a single night with a group of friends. It is purportedly called a "crawl" because the participants are literally crawling from club to club after getting drunk at the first few clubs. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term (including variations like 'gin crawl' and 'beer crawl') has been in use since the late 19th century. A common reason to hold a club crawl is celebrate the birthday of a person who reached the legal drinking age. The clubs chosen for the route can be chosen according to a theme.

2Where do we meet?

Both Friday and Saturday Night Club Crawls: You will meet our coordinator at Calle Tacos Hollywood at 9:00pm. Our BLVD Crawl Host will check you in and give you your wristband and complimentary drink vouchers. Calle Tacos is located at 6508 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

3How do we get from club to club?

We walk! Our venues are a short 5-10 minute walk between each place, so rather than waste your precious time loading and unloading a cramped bus, our professional party hosts chant, cheer, and walk with you to the next club. Worried about getting separated from the group? It's pretty hard to lose 50-200 party people making their way to the next club and we will have BLVD Crawl party hosts positioned on the streets to ensure you are guided from each venue in a fun and safe manner, but worse case scenario, give our host a call or text at (310) 749-9029 and we will tell you where we are at.

4What is the dress code?
  • LADIES: Look nice. No flip-flops, but nice sandals are permitted for girls if they strap the whole foot
  • NO JERSEYS OR ATHLETIC GEAR – Jerseys and printed t-shirts can cause trouble. Many people think that the reasoning behind Hollywood nightclubs not allowing logos on clothing is gang-related. Although this may be true to some extent (some logos identify a person’s association with a certain group), there is a more basic approach to this rule. Let’s say you’re wearing your favorite college’s logo, you have quite a bit to drink, and another intoxicated patron approaches you and says “[your team here] sucks!” In the club owner’s eyes, the odds of a fight starting are higher. Another way of thinking is that jerseys and t-shirts are too casual for night spots that prefer to see a sea of designer clothing on the dance floor.
  • NO EXCESSIVELY LARGE CLOTHING – Baggy clothing is a no-no. Bar owners generally do not want patrons bringing anything in with them but their wallets. That may be all that’s in your deep pockets and heavy sweatshirt, but no one else knows that, so wear something that fits well and is not likely to conceal outside liquor, drugs, or weapons.
  • NO EXCESSIVELY GRAPHIC/RIPPED/TORN JEANS – Jeans / Trainers are fine (in good condition).
5Do I have to wear heels?

The safest answer is yes. Each city may vary on this rule; and sometimes each crawl may have venues with different requirements. If you are in heels you usually have nothing to worry about. If you don’t want to wear heels; then at the least wear dress shoes and consult the details of the specific venues your crawl is going to. Wedges and heeled boots and shoes are often appropriate. Very dressy fashion sandals, that are not a flip-flop, will also be allowed. Flip Flops or open-back sandals are never allowed. Please call us if you have any questions about your specific crawl at (310) 749-9029.

6How long do we spend at each location?

We spend about an hour at each place except for the last one, this is the Mega Club and after party location. We plan on partying until the lights go on and music stops.

7What does no line, no cover mean?

Part of the nightclub package includes a VIP entrance. Hollywood Blvd Crawl makes arrangement with nightclubs / managers to ensure that you will not wait in the GA line as a normal guest but instead enter as soon as possible without paying an entry fee.

1Free Drinks? Do I drink for FREE all night?

We wish! Consequently the answer is No. Free Drinks are a complimentary drink provided by the venue, at venue's discretion; and these amenities can vary night to night. In some cases, ticket-holder does not get to choose what complimentary drink is provided to ticket-holder. Sometimes it can be free shots, drinks, discount drinks, buy-one-get-one and drink specials or coupons. Please drink responsibly.

2Is identification mandatory?

Absolutely yes, because you have to be 21 years old minimum to enter nightclubs in Los Angeles. Door staff will not grant you access to venue if proper / valid form of identification is presented. Hollywood Blvd Crawl recommends the following valid (not expired) forms of ID: US state driver license, military ID, or passport. If you live in a foreign country, make sure to bring a valid passport only. Hollywood Blvd Crawl will not be responsible if you are denied access to the club because of student ID’s, expired ID’s, fake ID’s, broken ID’s, and any foreign ID’s. If you have any questions about identification, it is better to contact Hollywood Blvd Crawl prior your arrival.

3Can I come alone or will it be weird?

The Hollywood Blvd Crawl is a very social event. Come alone and make new friends! You won't be the only one there on your own and it most definitely is not weird at all! Don't be shy, join us to partake in an ultimate Los Angeles nightlife VIP clubbing experience of a lifetime!

4Can I meet the group later?

Of course you can, your ticket is access for the schedule of venues for the night. Though a lot of the fun, fun, fun stuff happens at the starting venues for the night. We are happy to work something out for you if you are late. If you want to join us at a later venue but not sure where to go, that is not a problem, just call us and let us know (310) 749-9029.

5How old do you have to be be go? And what is the average age?

You must be 21+ to attend the Hollywood Blvd Crawl. Proper legal photo identification is required for entry at all LA club venues on our Hollywood Club Crawl (ie. Passport, Driver's License, etc).

The average age of our Hollywood Blvd Crawl group is anywhere between 21-35 years old, but all ages are welcome over the age of 21 years.

6What is the function of a host?
In order to make sure that your night is a success, Your Hollywood Blvd Crawl Guide provides a host or several (depending on the number of people) to be with you for the duration of your allocated package time. Your Hollywood Blvd Crawl Guide will answer your questions and ensures that proper procedures and guidelines are met.

The amount of venues, drinks and food or food specials included in the ticket are subject to change without notice and may vary slightly from what is described here based on the participating venues, day of the week and season of the year. If you are concerned about the specific amounts and details of what you are getting on your date please contact us directly to determine what is available on the tour you are booked. We do our very best to include the most value as possible to our guests. From time to time variables arise without notice from the participating venues which may affect what is included in the ticket for our Friday and/or Saturday club crawls. If reservations are not made a minimum of 24hrs in advance we may not be able to accommodate your requests. No refunds will be given.


  • NO REFUNDS. All Sales are final. No refunds will be granted once a ticket is purchased as events sell out. You are purchasing a limited ‘seat’ to an event. Ticket holders are required to understand the requirements to participate in the tour. No refunds will be granted for failing to meet these requirements before, during or after the event has commenced.
  • IDENTIFICATION. The legal age in California is TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD. All attendees must be 21 years or older to take part in all of the activities that the Crawl provides access to. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to produce proper acceptable U.S. GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION (IE. Driver’s License) or INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED IDENTIFICATION (Passport) at each location. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is not responsible for verifying identification; this is strictly up to each venue and is done so at their discretion. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is not responsible for ticket holders without proper identification, or ticket holders who are refused entry.
  • DRESS CODE. All guests must dress according to the standards set by each location. Each ticket holder is required to conform to these standards and Hollywood Blvd Crawl is not responsible for those who do not comply. These restrictions are, but not limited to NO HATS, DRESS SHOES FOR MEN, NO TANK TOPS OR T-SHIRTS FOR MEN, NO SHORTS FOR MEN (nice jeans are often acceptable as well as clean, trendy sneakers), NO BANDANAS, NO SPORTS WEAR, NO FLIP FLOPS FOR MEN OR WOMEN, and any other limitation required by each venue. If you have a question please contact the venue itself, as Hollywood Blvd Crawl is not responsible if you are denied entry.
  • STAY WITH THE CRAWL. The Friday and Saturday club crawls are a schedule of entry to variety of club and bar venues. You participate at your own discretion. Hollywood Blvd Crawl does not own or operate any of the venues we visit. You are not bound to stay with the Hollywood Blvd Crawl club crawls, you may go as you please. However, to receive the benefits of both the Friday and Saturday club crawls, you must be on schedule.
  • YOUR CONDUCT. Each venue allows you entry based on their policies and is the same if you were visiting them outside of the tour. You are responsible for your conduct. If you are denied entry due to intoxication, rowdy or lewd behavior, or other, Hollywood Blvd Crawl is not responsible.

How it Works - Hollywood Blvd Crawl Explained

Hollywood Blvd Crawl provides premium guided LA clubbing tours of best Hollywood nightlife clubs in Los Angeles after dark. Our mission is to provide quality nightlife. We strive to innovate, captivate and inspire a new concept to all our nightclub party tours we manage. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is founded solely on the purpose to continue the good times motivated by the support of our crawlers and clients.

With its glitz and glamour, its storied and sometimes sordid past, Los Angeles after dark -- and sometimes during the day -- is a playground for grownups out for a good time. Hollywood club crawls will prove to be one of the city’s most intriguing nocturnal activities...We want you to have a great time and a memorable night! And for sure we would like to make that happen.

Guided Clubbing tours and bar hopping LA is where to experience the best of Hollywood nightlife scene during this LA club crawl into up to five of the hottest Hollywood clubs. The nightclub party tours include VIP club access (no cover charge or waiting in long lines), complimentary shots and drinks, followed by discounted drinks throughout the night, VIP hosts to party with you, and exclusive giveaways. We plan a schedule for you designed to kick start your night and continually build up the energy for as long as you can handle it.

Los Angeles after dark has some of the most amazing nightlife in the world, and we know the secrets to get passed the toughest velvet ropes. We design a night out for you to experience all Tinsel town has to offer at a one low price, hassle free & better than a VIP! Joining our Hollywood Blvd Crawl is the easiest way to meet other partiers from the entire world. You're sure to head home smiling…and maybe with a new friend or two… We plan unforgettable parties. It’s what we do. It’s simple. Get started now! We’d love to hear from you!

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