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Music is an expression of the soul and fashion is an expression of style. Couture Hollywood is music – Couture is fashion – experience Couture Hollywood and express yourself.

Located right in the heart of the Hollywood nightlife on Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, the Couture nightclub is an experience that you and your party simply cannot miss. With fashion at the height of its focus, the Couture nightclub offers a wide variety of events and specials that will keep everyone in your party entertained. You can choose from a variety of special events that are all hosted at this upscale venue. From watching a highbrow fashion show, to enjoying a cocktail among the beautiful people of Los Angeles, and even having the option to dine at the luxurious restaurant, this venue really does offer it all.

This is a must-see stop in your exploration of the Los Angeles area, and the west coast in general. You will not see ambiance and entertainment like this anywhere else in the Los Angeles area. The menu of the restaurant offers lunch, dinner, and late night meal choices for you and your friends to enjoy a taste of Hollywood. Get dressed up and spend a luxurious night on the town with Couture Hollywood nightclub and restaurant. Listen to the hottest deejays and captivating music while you live it up in the heart of Hollywood.