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SUPPERCLUB LA: Hollywood’s Most Luxurious Nightlife Destination

On 16 July 1935, the Vogue Theater was unveiled on iconic Hollywood Boulevard to a glittering crowd of Angeleno socialites. In 2009, this timeless theater was transformed into the world-renowned live entertainment landmark known now as Supperclub LA, part of the global Supperclub family with locations in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Istanbul, and Dubai, helmed by one of Los Angeles’ leading sophisticated hot-spot creators – Boulevard Nightlife Group – to connect the current generation of Angeleno socialites and stars with the best of the delicious decadence that famous Hollywood has to offer.

Supperclub offers patrons an “over-the-top” sensual experience that will have you wondering whether you are dreaming or have just arrived on the set of a Fellini film. Just when you thought things were settling down, up comes a Cirque Du Soleil style aerial acrobat who thrills you with gyrations on high.

The dramatic entrance to Supperclub features a sexy black interior with stainless steel amenities. Here guests can check in, or simply just check out. Le Bar Rouge, where the evening begins, guests sip cocktails and mingle in this sexy, stylish space illuminated in red, evoking passion, love and desire. It is a flash…a tease…a prelude to all the possibilities the night will bring. This is the place to lower your inhibitions before moving beyond the red velvet curtains to La Salle Neige, which is the majestic former theater room of the Vogue, beautifully modern, and painted and furnished entirely in white. La Salle Neige portrays the blank white canvas of possibility waiting to be discovered each night. A theater, a salon, a dining room, a dance floor…It is the versatility of this grand space which instills the Supperclub spirit of improvisation and surprise into each evening – a truly unique and surreal clubbing experience.

Supperclub LA Quintessential Party for Purists

If you’re at Supperclub, you’re dancing. Try to imagine the best party night you’ve ever had with your friends coupled with one of the most popular Hollywood nightclubs happening now in Los Angeles nightlife. Now multiply that times ten, add some ecstasy (figuratively of course) and throw in a large group of extremely attractive people. At that point, you might get an inkling of how awesome Supperclub is. Like any other nightclub, Supperclub is packed with party enthusiasts every weekend, which makes is hard to get in unless you know someone who works there. Many visitors, who have queued for hours, get rejected. But those privy to the Hollywood Blvd Crawl will skip by the bouncers, keep their cover charge and dance the rest of the night away into the wee hours.

Hollywood Blvd Crawl Tickets Guarantee VIP Line By-Pass Entry to Supperclub LA

When you’re planning to party inside the infamous Supperclub LA, you want to party — not waste your time standing in line. You want preferential treatment and a chance to catch the eye of the hottest party-goers of the bunch, all without any hassle. That’s where the Hollywood Blvd Crawl comes in handy. Forget long waits, cover charges or even steep doorman tips. With these tours, your VIP host will whisk you past the velvet ropes and to the front of the line at some of the most popular nightclubs in Los Angeles nightlife. Join the Hollywood Blvd Crawl Friday nights for a taste of vintage nightlife with a modern twist. Hollywood Blvd Crawl is your golden ticket to hassle free VIP clubbing access into Supperclub LA, located at 6675 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood. Supperclub serves up an eclectic night out marked by generous dollops of flamboyance and flair; it’s a visual and sensory experience like no other.

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